Mail For Soldiers Title

Holidays present an opportunity to reflect and reach out to our servicemembers near and far. Many citizens are interested in writing our servicemembers to offer heartfelt appreciation and support for their service to our Nation. Due to security issues and policies, the Post Office is unable to deliver mail with generic addresses (for example, Any Soldier or Any Recovering Soldier). All mail must be addressed to a specific individual or it will be returned as undeliverable.

If you would like to express your support in writing, please visit the Department of Defense Community Relations Web site at For a list of organizations with letter writing campaigns, go to the tab Support Our Troops, then click the link America Supports You Homefront Groups. If you would like to thank servicemembers online, click the link Thank the Troops to open an email message form.

Please note that the advertisements, promotions, statements, and logos are those of the listed organizations. The Department of Defense and the United States Army neither state nor imply any endorsement, association, or recommendation with regard to these organizations.